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Volume 6

BalkanBeats Volume 6 is an up to date collection of dance floor hits selected by Robert Šoko and created or remixed in Balkanbeat fashion by DJs and musicians from various parts of the world. These musical wizards, all stemming from underground and alternative artistic backgrounds, have unleashed their creativity and postmodern playfulness to present explosive tracks, the Balkan way.

The term “Balkanbeat” defines a musical genre, emerged as a crossover between dance pop and ethno folk motives originating from the Balkans. This region of south eastern Europe is a cultural meeting point between East and West. The term “balkanbeat” itself was coined back in 1993 by Robert Šoko, the selector of this compilation, to define his Balkan inspired DJ SET. BalkanBeats Volume 6 is a superfun, witty, groovy and cheerful party which will definitely blow your mind and release your inner Balkan self.

"This album is the quintessence of my wildest parties, matured in the greatest European clubs since the beginning of the millennium. In my opinion, my best compilation so far. 16 delightful punchy tracks. A BalkanBeats must-have." Robert Šoko


12-piece Gypsy brass band from an isolated village of Zece Prajini in northeast Romania, performing a typical Balkan brass music with occasional vocals. Being discovered by a German music producer Henry Ernst in 1995, they toured the world and made many jaws drop, released eight albums so far through Ernst’s label Asphalt Tango and their music appeared in soundtracks of cult movies such as Fatih Akin “Head On” and Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat”. Their instrumental mastery makes them equal with the best Serbian and Macedonian brass bands, however, some of their tunes make them rightfully claim the title of the “fastest brass band ever”. The tune “Out To Lounge” is taken from their new album “Onward To Mars”.


Once upon a time (2003) in a far away land called Bosnia and Herzegovina, a group of friends decided to form a band. But this was no ordinary band, and they did not form under ordinary circumstances. True, along with local Balkan flavors, musical influences came from all over the world: ska, punk, reggae, electronic, hip-hop. Yet, there was no music industry, few concerts, no space for cultural or political expression among the new crop of plugged in youth. In fact, the entire region was reeling from deep moral and economic stagnation. It was from this environment that DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV was born, and not quietly, but kicking and screaming, presenting no-go topics front and center, and demanding to be heard-and in doing so, they created a phenomenon. And it has continued in this fashion ever since. Fast forward to 2016, we find band continues stronger than ever, already established itself as among the best and most popular live outfits in Eastern Europe, hallmarked by their most recent musical release “Happy Machine”, perhaps their most provocative album to date.


BalkaBeats Soundsystem is the alliance of Robert Soko and Uros Petkovic. Putting together Soko´s unequaled sense of Balkanbeats dance floors and Petkovic´s fine touch in BalkanBeats music making, the project aims at creating irresistibly danceable Balkan tracks palatable worldwide. It is also a tribute to BalkanBeats follower, from Tokyo to Mexico City.

Schöne Tage: The Song „Schöne Tage“ (Nice Days) is the first release of BalkanBeats Soundsystem. The lyrics were written and sang by Robert Šoko and Katya Tasheva, a Berlin-based Bulgarian singer. The melody was composed and played by Uroš Petković. The song, entitled “nice days“, is an allusion to the revival which can follow heartache and a tribute to Berlin, its language and its celebratory free spirit.


BBC News : "Koza Mostra is apparently one of the most promising Balkan Ska bands"
The ethnic ska rock band from Greece who introduced themselves through the Eurovision song contest in 2013 with the song “Alcohol Is Free.” When Ilias Kozas (lead singer & creator of Koza Mostra) composed “Alcohol is Free” in 2013, he could not even believe the title of his song would become a symbol of freedom and optimism. Koza Mostra were formed in 2012 by Ilias Kozas . In order to persuade their audience that “anything can happen anywhere” they decided to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 accompanied by Agathon Iakovides (one of the most significant singers of “rebetiko” style of music) with the song “Alcohol Is Free” not only winning the national finals with the largest percentage on audience voting ever, but also becoming one of the most beloved bands at the contest in Malmö (Sweden) winning the 6th place in the final chart despite their Greece related politically allegorical lyrics.


Shantel, or DJ Shantel, is a stage name for Stefan Hantel, a DJ and producer from Frankfurt, Germany. Born in Manheim, Germany in 1968, Hantel is of a mixed German and Romanian descent. He is known for his electronically tweaked mixes of Balkan brass music, and his popular DJ night Bucovina Club. He started his own label Essay Recordings, and released two Bucovina Club compilation albums so far, as well as around 20 other releases of his mixes. “Viva Diaspora” is taken from his last album with same name, released on 2015.


ShazaLaKazoo is live electronic dance music project formed in 2010 in Belgrade, Serbia, by Milan Djuric (USB-clarinet, MIDI-controller) and Uros Petkovic (electric violin, turntable). Their style can be described briefly as dancefloor friendly music spiced with the sounds originated from their own region - the Balkans, as well as the influences from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.


Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra is a band formed in Antwerpen, Belgium in 2003. Band members are Gregor Engelen, Roel Poriau, Nathan Daems, Mukti Gabriels, Suhamet Latifi - Suki and Filip Vandebril. Most band members come from Belgian hardcore punk scene, except for Latifi, who came from southern Serbian town of Gnjilane. They sing in English, French, Flemish and Gipsy language. They released three albums so far. Their tune “Jolene” was remixed by Gypsy Hill, a DJ/producer duo consisting of DJ Kobayashi and Herbert Newbert, another beacon of Balkan Beat genre.


Edi Partizani and Stereo Partizan bring the latest Global Bass & Balkan Beats EP with the title track "Ruki Verch" including five remixes. Living and working at the edge of the Balkan, West-Europe and Middle-East, the musicians combine Eastern melodies and instruments with Western skills and technologies. Using digital sampling, electronic synthesizing, singing and live acoustic playing, the authors push the limits of mixed Balkan, Western and oriental music blend. The remixes are created by famous artists of the genre - Robert Soko, Gaetano Fabri , Haris Pilton, DJ SuperStereo and Balkan Hotsteppers & Dr Fre.
Edi Partizani - lyrics & vocals /mixing/author
Stereo Partizan - ewi /synth / mixing/author


Magnifico (real name Robert Pešut, b.1965) is a Slovenian musician and producer of Serbian descent. He established himself as an unorthodoxly versatile composer and musician in the former Yugoslav region. Throughout his career, he has combined disco, Balkan, funk, and electronic music, creating a new and successful style. He has collaborated with other Slovenian groups, such as Sestre, and most recently Turbolentza, another Slovenian band. The band is featured in his latest music video, "Giv mi mani". He created the complete soundtrack for a Serbian blockbuster movie "Montevideo – Taste Of A Dream" (2013). "Ya Mustafa" is a traditional tune, rearranged by Magnifico.


Tactical Groove Orbit is one of those passionate and accomplished artists that impresses whatever the musical field on which he leans. Funky breaks, Electro-House, Balkan Beat, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Drum n 'bass, film music ... he has participated in dozens of different musical projects ranging as its name indicates turning around a groove musical universe to another. Musician playing several instruments since childhood, it has been 10 years since the studio and live sound engineer juggles his daily work as producer and gigs of Dj / Live performer. Signed on several international labels such as electro Kick It Recordings (USA), Broken Records (UK), Vlad Production (Fr) Tactical Groove Orbit turns in recent years to the Electro-World and Global Bass from confines of the territory Balkans to Brazilian beaches, Irish pubs , the music clubs of New Orleans: Electro-Ska, New Cumbia, Bollywood Grooves, Digital Blue-grass, Balkan Beat, Moombhaton,Balani, Kuduro...


DJ Haris Pilton is a stage name of a Slovenian DJ and producer Igor Šon. Haris Pilton’s style can be described as unique fusion of Gypsy music and urban beats, spiced with reggae, dub and jungle. This combination makes an impression of futuristic “Balkan Rasta Pulp Fiction” influenced by the Italian comic “Alan Ford” by Max & Bunker. In recent years Pilton has produced more than 50 remixes of Gypsy & Balkan traditional music and, more recently, he has been working on his own material. In 2013 he realesed double album Magic Winery in colaboration with Gipsy Sound System. Pilton had more than 300 gigs in various European countries (Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria,) and in clubs & festivals, including Exit , Goulash Disko, Fusion, Evropavox, and Seasplash. Currently he's cooperating with co-producer Marco Grabber on music of The Ufoslavians (start touring in 2016) and on project Kali Fat Dub with MC Chakka.


Seven cosmopolitan musicians from four different countries: Castus, Norri, Vit, Jordon, Steve, Pan and Hatz, blending the spirit of classic Berliner tunes from 1920’s with Balkanbeat and mariachi music. The seven diverse characters in elegant turquoise-black inspire audience with their multicultural charm, with an impulsive stage show and an extravagant set of instruments, from peculiar percussions, prominent horn section and even bagpipes and shawm, to modern indie pop instruments. The song “Die glorreichen Sieben” (The Glorious Seven) is taken from their EP “Die Stadt is Heiß!“ (The City is Hot, 2015).


The Ufoslavians is a Slovenian band created in 2014 by producers Haris Pilton (Dubimir) & Marco Grabber (Velebeat), as a mixture of Balkan, Gipsy, reggae, cumbia, ska, hip hop & electronic music. Their first single "Cigancica" ("Gipsy Girl") featuring Fidzi (Slovenian rap star) is selected to this album. The band consists of 7 people: Dubimir (Haris Pilton), Velebeat (Marco Grabber), Tadiman (ragga vocal, percussion, guitar), Ali Massive (hip hop vocal) + 3 piece brass section. They will start promoting their first album from September 2016.


Giufá is a Sicilian band formed in 2008.The band consists of musicians with different musical experiences who found a meeting point in Balkan sound. Giufá began composing songs mixing music from Balkans,Maghreb,Sicily and Spain with a Gypsy punk attitude creating a new style called Gypsy tarantella (mixing instruments and proverbs from Sicilian tradition with Balkan music). Aggressive sax riffs, upbeat guitars, 4/4 persistent beats and Balkanic melodies are the ingredients of their euphoric and energetic performance. Giufá's lyrics tackled a carefree, street life, nomadic life and the social problems of the contemporary era with a morbid sense of humor. Their lyrics, often embellished with spiritual imagery, focus on personal themes and sociopolitical concerns. They released two albums so far.


Boban Marković is a Serbian Gypsy trumpet player and brass ensemble leader born in Vladičin Han in 1964, frequently recognized as the greatest trumpet player to emerge from the Balkans. His orchestra won five first awards at The Golden Trumpet Festival in Guča, the most important folk music festival in Balkans. They played all over the world and are internationally acclaimed. Since 2002, his son Marko plays in the orchestra, which was renamed into Boban and Marko Marković Orchestra.


DJ and music producer, Ignace Corso, aka DJ Tagada, was the first BalkanBeats DJ Made in France. With Robert Šoko, he launched BalkanBeats Paris back in 2006. The genre soon developed in the French capital. Since then, DJ Tagada also produced a number of tracks, including an album with iconic Romanian singer and actress Rona Hartner.